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Stop Looking For Reasons

This is one of the most important lessons I've learned in the past couple years, and this is why.

I am a planner and a perfectionist. Meaning that I am guilty of holding onto ideas for WAY too long. I write things out, make lists and overthink things too much instead of doing.

When it came to trying something new and fully submerging myself the top reasons that kept me stuck were:




So here's a bit of insight into how I conquered those.

Time- I work full time, attend college full time and do art as a side hustle. This means my break down is:

35 hours working

24 hours in college

10 hours on homework

Art on the side about 5 or more hours

All in the SAME week.

Now, your hours and things you do could be different but the key to doing anything is time management. In other words time to plan out when to be productive and when to have fun. No one said it was easy but if you really want to do something you will make the time.

Money- As I mentioned I am a full time employee and college student so budgeting is my top priority. When I decided to dedicate myself to my art (mainly photography) I kept holding myself back since I had no fancy camera and well I still can't afford one! So I used what I had to my advantage-my cell phone. I would highly suggest you use what tools you already have and do the best with those, because after all


Fear- As I mentioned above I had the fear that if I didn't have proper equipment I couldn't succeed, but boy was I wrong. No one judged me on the fact that all my photos were taken and edited from my cell hone, in fact I got praised for it. Once you show no mercy and show the world nothings holding you back you will feel a weight off your shoulder.

I'll go more into detail as to how I time manage, how I budget and how I eliminated my fears in future posts. But I hope this at least inspires you to think differently on making a plunge to create and make this year the BEST year yet. Make sure to follow #fab52challenge to see what creative stuff is happening!

xoxo, Fabiola

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