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Since posting about the Fab 52 Challenge I created I had several individuals reach out to me that were also interested in challenging themselves.

I got some feedback, wrote things out, asked questions and did some research and bam here is an update to the challenge to kick it off.

What Is the Fab 52 Challenge?

It’s a weekly challenge to create every week for 52 weeks total. Weekly structure so there is time to collect ideas, research and test things out. The point is to try to push outside your comfort zone and really focus on a project. Disconnect from your cellphone for at least 30 minutes a day and create. Keep yourself accountable by posting via Instagram with #fab52challenge , connect with others doing the challenge and build community.

Weekly Structure


Is for motivation, make a small vision board or write out ideas for project. Research and collect information to get excited.


Check-in with update on what you’re working on, give us some insight into your ideas, process, inspiration.


Show us what you’ve been working on and details you’re trying to get a good grip on.


Post your finished creation with #fab52challenge and let us know what you learned this week while doing it.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This challenge is not only to create but for you to push outside your comfort zone. So try that one thing you’ve been thinking about but haven’t. Do that one thing you greatly feel is outside your abilities but come into it with a different mindset, put your twist on it. Make do with what you have and let go of what-if’s. Reach out to other’s that inspire you, ask questions and keep the negative thoughts out.

Tips & Tricks

Create a vision board

Fill it with words, pictures, quotes anything you want to manifest into your life. Get as specific as you’d like. Place it in a space where you can see it everyday, the more you look at it the more those intentions will be in your mind.


Since this challenge is made to have you disconnect a bit more from your phone and get creative I would highly suggest getting a pocket sized memo book and pen to carry around. That way if you’re bored instead of reaching for your phone you form a new habit of grabbing the book and jotting down ideas, words, doodles anything other than wasting time on your phone.


This is a learning experience know that you will get frustrated, annoyed, and will want to give up. But realize the best things come for those that work hard. If all fails connect with another person doing the challenge.

Go Beyond

Meet up with other creatives, collaborate and learn from each other. Start an online store, blog about your experience, vlog, do something more than just create.

Hope you'll join in and explore all you have to offer. Don't forget if you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact me via Instagram or email @ fabiicakes@gmail.com.

Peace, Love and Good JuJu

xoxo, Fabiola

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