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Welcome to a Year of Creativity

Hello, Hola and Welcome!

For my first post I am creating a challenge, for myself and anyone else that’d like to join. It’s called the Fab 52 Challenge.

What Is the Fab 52 Challenge?

It’s a challenge made to create every week for a year. Doesn’t matter when you start so long as you complete 52 weeks.

Why the Name?

It’s short for Fabiola’s 52 Week Challenge, clever I know. Hey it can also stand for Fabulous 52 Week Challenge!

Why A Weekly Challenge?

I chose weekly as I am aware trying new things often involves time to research, sketch, test and perfect. I also know life gets in the way. Personally I am a full-time college student and work full time so a week is perfect for balancing.

Why You Should Try It

The options for what to create are limitless. You could be a baker, artist, maker, writer or aspiring YouTuber and join. Everyone has at least 30 minutes a day to spare (think of how much time you’re on your phone a day). Now instead of scrolling through some social media page seeing who broke up with who or going down a black hole of memes, why not learn, create and challenge yourself to see what you’re capable of.

How to Join

Follow and use the hashtag #fab52challenge on Instagram to share your creations.

Questions, Concerns, Comments?

Don’t hesitate to contact me via Email (fabiicakes@gmail.com) , Instagram or leave a comment below! I’d love to help bounce ideas or give assistance.

I’ll be posting my creations via my Instagram account and doing a review here every so often so make sure to check back!

Hope to connect and share some more about my art, life and diy’s.

See you next time!

xoxo, Fabiola

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